Year-Round Behavior Buddy

Designed by a kid...for a kid!

From a young age, Symonne has always been motivated by positive reinforcement and she wanted to make sure all kids had the same opportunity. In a desire to have something year round to show others that she was good, she was sad something didn't already exist.  Instead of being disappointed, she came up with her own idea and Bear On The Chair® was born January 2014.

She designed her bear with upmost concern for being cuddly, friendly looking, and safe for all toddlers. From the color of the fur, stitched eyes, and size of the bear, she was finally ready to launch her product. The response to her invention from parents across the country has been amazing and kids are thrilled.

Easy to use

“The bear has been a success in my classroom. I have a child with Autism with whom it has been very helpful.  I am very pleased with the simplicity of the bear and hope to continue with it's success.”

Robin--West Virginia

Positive Reinforcement

“Our Bear On The Chair is a big hit at the elementary school! Both parents and students find him welcoming and encouraging. Thank you!”



“I teach a transitional kindergarten class of nine boys with Autism. My class loves the bear.  I show it at the beginning of circle time after reminding them about the rules.  I tell them that he has his happy face on as they are all in their seats.”


Visual Tool

I am using Bear On The Chair with 4-7 year old children on the Autism spectrum. It is a visual, concrete tool that helps my students track their own feelings and behaviors.The behavior modification strategy will benefit any child in the home, at school, or therapy.”


Class Participation

"The kids named him Mr. Bear and I explained Mr. Bear is happy when he sees boys and girls achieving the classroom goals (listening, doing work, and trying). The kids always want to make him happy and when I switch Mr. Bear to sad participation really kicks back up."


How does it work?

The goal of Bear On The Chair® is to help parents, teachers, and others quickly and visibly provide positive reinforcement. As young children learn how to brush their teeth, put their toys away, learn to "love" their veggies, and go to bed on time, we all know the value to positive reinforcement as a future motivator. 

When parents are teaching these valuable social skills, showing the child that the bear has its happy face patch on lets them know they are doing a good job. Even if they haven't mastered the goal yet, continuing to reinforce improvement is the key. Hopefully in rare occasions when the sad face patch is used, the child quickly learns that they need to try harder or change their behavior and the bear will be happy again.

Bear On The Chair® has a simple yet effective design. The bear has a velcro patch in the center of its shirt and within a few seconds, the happy and sad face patches can be easily switched out. parents, teachers, and others working with kids

Perfect for any child

While designed for typical children in mind to use positive reinforcement to brush their teeth, eat their veggies, clean up their toys, and go to bed on time, something amazingly unexpected happened.

The Autism community reached out to us and shared stories of how her bear helped kids express their feelings using the patches. This was especially powerful with non-verbal children as now there was a simple and visible way to share how they were feeling. Therapists and learning centers from around the country adopted her bear as a tool to help in their sessions.

Symonne is proud of her invention and more importantly loves to her stories of how she has helped so many kids gain positive feedback and make progress in their social skills. 

So join team Bear On The Chair® and make positive reinforcement a daily habit.