Q: How does the bear work?

The beauty of our product is that we provide a story to be read to the child which explains how the bear works and how your child ensures it stays happy. In general, when the child is doing positive things like homework, going to bed on time, and eating veggies, the bear will display the happy face. When the child needs to work on something, the sad face patch can be used (parents discretion how easily it gets changed)

Q: Does it really work?

Absolutely and the testimonials on the site are just a small sample of the amazing feedback we have received about how well the bear is received by the child and the dramatic effects! Parents couldn't be more thrilled!

Q: Is this another Christmas product that only works for December? 

Actually, we designed our product to have year round benefits and is not holiday based. While parents have the freedom to incorporate Santa, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, the core of the product is to motivate and reinforce positive behavior everyday.

Q: Is it true that the Bear On The Chair® is also being used in the special needs community?

Yes and we are really excited to have our bear as a product that therapists across the country are using in their clinics and therapy sessions. The Autism community reached out to us soon after we launched explaining how there are very little tools to help children on the Autism Spectrum. Therapists are using our bear to help children express their emotions and to reinforce lessons they teach by leaving the happy face patch on as a sign of achievement.

Q: Do I have to use the Bear On The Chair® as you designed it?

As a parent ourselves, our goal is to provide guidelines for how to use the product. The story describes how it can be used however each parent knows their child the best and what works for him or her. Feel free to use in your family as you see best!

Q: Is this bear only for dealing with good or bad behavior?

No and in fact we actually see the bear as the child's "Year Round Behavior Buddy" which includes improving on the social and family skills that make for a happy family. Life lessons like: eating veggies, going to bed on time, doing their homework, brushing their teeth, and potty training are very effective skills to target with the happy and sad face patches.

 Q: Are there any other patches?

We are always looking at enhancing our product and we are in the development stages of multiple new patches which would actually symbolize the targeted behavior.