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Autism/Special Needs

Raising a child with special needs requires a lot of love, patience, and creativity to provide a life filled with laughter, happiness, learning, and continuous child development. Bear On The Chair® helps children with Autism communicate more effectively with parents and therapists helping to eliminate stress in the communication process. Special needs children grow in their development by using positive reinforcement in the various stages of their emotional, physical, and communication growth plans.

Parents and educators use the Bear On The Chair® to help manage Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), development of social interaction such as eye contact and sharing, as well as to express emotions. In ABA therapy, the bear is used to demonstrate immediate feedback and positive reinforcement of a specific skill until desired improvement has been achieved.

Many Autism educators have implemented Bear On The Chair® in their classrooms to allow children to use the happy/sad patches to communicate how they are feeling and if they need a sensory break. By engaging the bear the child is learning to self regulate their emotions in advance of outbursts.

The Autism community reached out to us to implement Bear On The Chair® in Learning Centers, Special Needs Schools, Public School Systems, Private Sessions, and in ABA therapy. Bear On The Chair® benefits children on all parts of the ASD spectrum.

Potential Ways to Implement:


Bear On The Chair® is currently being used in therapy for Autism in 15 different states. Get your bear today and begin improving the communication process right away!