Bear On The Chair® (Special Needs)
Bear On The Chair® (Special Needs)
Bear On The Chair® (Special Needs)
Bear On The Chair® (Special Needs)
Bear On The Chair® (Special Needs)

Bear On The Chair® (Special Needs)

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Bear On The Chair® is a positive reinforcement tool effective with typical children as well as children with Autism. The product features a soft cuddly teddy bear and two velcro patches which are easy to remove and switch.

For children who are on the Autism spectrum, this has proven to be a valuable communication tool to help express internal feelings before it escalates. ABA professionals, therapists, and specialty centers leverage the bear as a way to minimize outbursts and sensory overload situations.

Here's how to use in these scenarios.

  • Introduce the bear to the child
  • Explain to them to use the happy face when they are feeling good
  • When the child is starting to feel they need break or are getting close to sensory overload, instruct them to put the sad face on the bear and go to their calming area
  • Once they feel better and are ready to reengage, they come back and place the happy face back on their bear

By implementing this process, you create a greater communication channel which allows the child to communicate their feelings easier. 

Non-verbal children: For these children, Bear On The Chair® has been an extremely valuable tool for parents and children. These children connect with the bear and understand it's their way of communicating how they feel.

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Bear On The Chair®  includes:

(1) White shirt with Velcro circle patch,(1) Branded white plastic chair, (1) Yellow Smiley Face, (1) Red Frown Face, (1) Story book

Bear sitting in chair combined dimensions:

 7" (L) x 4.5" (W) x 9.5" (H)