How to Use

Did you know that children are motivated by goal setting, positive parenting, and positive visual representation? Bear On The Chair® was created for just those reasons, to help your child grow and develop through motivation and excitement as they work hard to keep their bear happy each day.

Parents have found creative ways to use our bear and we encourage you to introduce your bear in the best way for your family. To start the introduction, start with the steps below and watch your child's confidence grow each day as they develop the social skills and positive behaviors needed to be that perfect angel.


I am most effective when:

  • You read the included copyrighted Bear On The Chair® story to your child. The poetic story will help your child understand the bear's purpose.
  • Make it fun by encouraging your child to pick a special name for me!
  • Have your child hug and squeeze me a lot and pick out a special place for me to sit in my chair
  • Parents will change the patch based on how the child is behaving or how well they are progressing towards a certain targeted goal.          

How to motivate your child's behavior:

  • Children are very motivated by visual representation of good actions. (for example: Reward Charts)
  • You can use the Bear On The Chair® to motivate all behavior or work on specific needs like: Brushing Teeth, Potty Training, Eating Healthy, or Doing Homework!
  • As the child continues this positive and delightful behavior, be sure to emphasize it is those actions which are making the bear happy! 
  • On those very rare occasions, where the behavior is not improving, the frown face patch can be used to motivate change and instill empathy in children. (they won't want their bear to be sad)