Young Inventor




Once the magic of Christmas is gone, we as parents are left to figure out how to keep kids behaving all year round, not just at Christmas. Our family always practiced creative behavioral rewards with our daughter. On a January day in 2013, our 6 year old daughter thought out loud “how fun it would be to have a really cute bear sitting on a chair and that would be happy when I do good things. Then everyone else would know I have been good by just looking at my bear!” We thought it was a really cute idea! We asked her what she would name this bear and that’s when she said “Bear On The Chair®!” We thought it was a pretty catchy name and that is when Bear On The Chair® was born.

Think about how many children love teddy bears and how they believe in magic with all of their hearts. It is truly one of the most special things about children. We took a teddy bear, sprinkled a lot of love, a little magic and with the help of the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and of course Santa, we made the most amazing behavior buddy--Bear On The Chair®. We customized every detail of the bear; from choosing his soft curly fur, his sweet adoring eyes, and his magical smile, and thus Bear On The Chair® came to life! 

As parents, we know the challenges of parenting and the difficulty of finding effective ways of working on children's behavior. Bear On The Chair® will help parents work on behavior with their children throughout the year.  The demand is out there. We have heard from tons of parents who really do want and many times need, a year-round solution to make sure their perfect child remains that way. We are so proud to share this amazing bear with each of you and hope that you find the power of Bear On The Chair® to be truly magical.

The beauty of this product is that it was born from our child's imagination and created through her heartfelt questions about how Bear On The Chair® would get it's magic, know whether she's gone to bed on time, picked up her toys, and eaten her veggies. We are proud and excited to invite each of you to welcome Bear On The Chair®  into your home and motivate your child to maintain, learn or change specific behaviors.