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Positive Reinforcement

We all know being a parent isn't easy and finding ways to teach your children empathy, cooperation, and preventing tantrums is an uphill battle at times. At the core, all of our children are well behaved it’s those isolated moments when you are in a rush at the grocery store when the dreaded tantrum takes place. What started as a sane and uneventful trip for milk and eggs turns into a meltdown in aisle 10 as you pass the candy aisle. In an attempt to limit the embarrassment, you leave your cart behind and may be seen quickly leaving the store with your child under your arm. Does this sound familiar? 


As much as these events are challenging and slightly embarrassing, it’s a natural part of a child’s development and figuring out how to express their emotions. It’s one of those situations that you never really understand until you become a parent yourself and it’s those same situations that make you wiser the next trip.

How can Bear On The Chair make a lasting impression on your child? Through research on children’s emotional development, we found that they respond to things, which they are most familiar as it is comforting and helps to reduce stress. We all know teddy bears are everyone’s favorite stuffed animal regardless of age and children are familiar with yellow for happy and red for sad. These were two key elements in creating the perfect solution for positive parenting. We also learned that children react to immediate feedback, which is why raising your voice at children increases the tantrum, not diminish. Some of the best positive reinforcement is immediate recognition of the accomplishment. The more quickly a child can associate an action with a result the more retainable it becomes.

Take your bear home today!



This is where Bear On The Chair is most effective. Our bear helps parents combine learning with positive reinforcement (yellow happy face) and teaches empathy when the bear become sad. (red frown face) In this moment, the parent uses a constructive environment to teach their child why the bear is sad and how to make it happy again. Bear On The Chair is a handy and fun tool to teach cooperation and sharing amongst siblings and has been a huge success in positive reinforcement for those potty training stages. Other popular uses are motivating children to brush their teeth, wash their hands, do their chores, go to bed on time, and eating healthy!



Whatever your challenge as an educator, ASD therapist, or parent may be, our testimonials share exciting, positive, and encouraging examples of how fun and beneficial the Bear On The Chair can be for you and your family.

If you are ready to join the growing community of parents who are happy, tantrum free, and enjoy watching their children eating healthy, get your bear today. Need more convincing or need to hear for yourselves how our bear has made a positive impact on other kids? Read through our testimonials and ask yourself; What am I waiting for?