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What makes me different from any other bear? Besides being a really cute bear, I have some really special qualities, features and friends. I am very special because I help reinforce your child's good behavior year round. Positive reinforcement motivate people of all ages, especially children. Through my patent pending Velcro shirt patch system, I help motivate your child to earn the reward of my happy face patch on my shirt. I come with two Velcro patches. A smile patch for when your child exhibits desired actions and a frown patch when the child needs improvement. In that unplanned moment when a child's behavior is unacceptable, the bear's frown face patch will also be used as a tool to help the child develop empathy.

Your child will want to please me because I become part of your family and your child's year round behavior buddy! Your child will want to make me proud and not let me down. You will read the included copyrighted Bear On The Chair® story to your child. The poetic story will help your child understand the bear's purpose. Your child will then have the fun task of picking a special name for me! Once your child decides on the perfect name for me, they will register me and complete my Bear On The Chair® adoption certificate and bring me to life! I will become their very own special teddy bear.  Sometimes I like to have some fun too and move around a bit. However, I really love my customized white comfy chair and I like to sit on it most of the time. I do like to show up in different places if I need a better view of your child and so I will move around every now and then.

What I like most, is when your child is behaving well, and they earn my Happy Face patch on my shirt! Hopefully, I will see your child doing good things each day, like using good manners, brushing their teeth, doing their homework, and picking up their toys. It will make my special friends, and the child's parents and teachers very happy. Sometimes though, if your child needs a little extra help with a behavior, a red sad face patch will appear on my shirt. This will make the child stop and realize they need to improve this behavior in order turn my frown upside down! 

Remember those special friends I mentioned? I am very good friends with the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Cupid, and of course Santa! Most importantly, I communicate with parents and teachers. They are all always watching my shirt to know how your child is behaving. This in turn helps your child take responsibility for their actions and motivate your child to earn the happy face patch!